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Welcome Punks of the World

Welcome to the realm of Crystal Magick Punks! This oracle deck was designed to help you connect with the psychedelic revolutionary and radiant mystic within in a grounded way.

Each of the 52 crystals in this deck were hand drawn by psychic & astrologer Jana Stern as an NFT collection in 2021 on on the Polygon Blockchain. 


Think of each stone as a distinct little rebel spirit, speaking to and encouraging your own fierce individuality and unique soul expression from their magical perspectives.



How This Deck Was Created

The Art


In 2021 when the world had gone mad, Jana Stern had a moment of frustration and said to a friend of a friend that she was sick of the system of money! She declared that she wanted humanity to reframe energy exchange and start using crystals as currency. The friend said “why not make crystal NFTs?”. She started researching NFTs & the blockchain and got to work drawing crystals on her ipad almost immediately.


Within a few weeks she had minted over 50 Crystal Magick Punks on the Polygon blockchain. If you wish to own a particular crystal in the deck, these 1/1s are can be purchases on OpenSea here.


Even before the NFTs were minted, Jana knew that one day she would create a deck of her own, having worked with oracle decks for over a decade. Divine timing did its magick, and here we are with 52 physical cards in hand!


The Text


Crystal frequency was one of the first languages Jana connected with in this lifetime.


Her grandfather was a collector and had hundreds of crystals in their home in Pennsylvania. As a child Jana could hear them sing songs and tell her stories.


Over the years she grew up feeling like the psychedelic sheep of my family and her community - never fully fitting in, and never really wanting to. She took the road less traveled and made choices to become a sacred, spiritual rebel in her early 20s that others are starting to make now almost 2 decades later. 


Having honed the gift of being able to hear what Spirit and each and every crystal has to offer, as an adult, Jana now use crystals in her metaphysical healing practice, allowing the stones to tell her where to place them and how to utilize them for herself and her clients. 


As she selected the crystals she wanted to draw for this deck, Jana sat with the frequency (and physicality itself), and allowed the crystal to tell her the best things a person could do to bring its energy into theirs so we can all learn to live as our highest and most divine selves in this world that asks us to fit into boxes we were never meant to fit into. 

Who is Jana Stern

Jana Stern is a gifted spiritual facilitator on a mission to empower people through spirituality. She is a psychic, astrologer and energy healer with over 15 years of experience studying metaphysics, astrology, and esoterics. Coming from a long family lineage of gifted psychics, Jana’s gifts have evolved into a practice that has helped hundreds of people see their inner and outer worlds through a more holistic and spiritual lens, and move into a place of empowerment.


Jana is the host of the I’m Really Into That Stuff podcast, she is a speaker, and a healer through her Crystal healings, Astrology and Psychic readings, and her Sovereign Mastery program. Jana is a Web3 founder and builder, and has collaborated with Deepak Chopra supporting Mental Health Awareness Month. She is a certified Life Activation™ practitioner, a ‘crystal encyclopedia,’ and the author of Activate Your Chakras. 


Jana has been featured in Yahoo, Canvas Rebel, Decrypt, NFT Now, and she has an engaged audience of over 9,000.  She currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

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